Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Insert cans in top opening and they will rotate down in the order they were inserted. This way you can easily rotate your food storage so that the oldest is always being used first.

Bottom slots are designed to allow you to grab a hold of the can for easy removal. (see picture)

How does the product ship?
The product is designed to ship with extra removable portions that protect the CanOrganizers during shipment. Of course we understand that shipping can damage the removable portion and cause the shipment to appear as if it were not in perfect condition. However, after several tests and satisfied customers we know the final product will meet your expectations after the "shipping" tear away portion has been removed.

Shipping Cost?
Unfortunately, due to the dimensions and weight of the Organizers the shipping rates are much higher than we would like. Our shipping is carrier-calculated and automatically calculated based upon carrier rate tables and no additional handling or shipping fees are included. You are welcome to verify this with any carrier by calculating based up on weight and dimensions as follows: *5 pounds per 4 pack of Cupboard Organizers, 6 pounds per 4 pack of Shelf Organizers, and 7 pounds per 4 pack of Pantry Organizers. You will see that your shipping cost quoted from our site may very likely be lower due to our carrier discounts.

*Rates can change due to odd dimensions, fuel surcharges, residential vs. commercial, and other weather related factors.

Save 10% when you order 5 or more 4 packs.
You must order a minimum of 5 or more 4 packs in order to receive the discount and enter the coupon code "save10" upn checkout to receive the discount. You can mix and match the 4 packs to arrive at the 5 minimum required.

Why was my order rejected?
Orders weighing over 150 pounds will be rejected due to shipping restrictions. You may place a separate order if over 150 pounds (ideal shipping rates are at 70 pounds and below).

Do you ship to foreign countries?
Sorry, but it is far too expensive to ship out of the country to make it worth while.

Will you have other sizes?
The Can Organizer's that we currently have, cover most of the normal size cans.  From soup, to as large as 22 ounce Pine Apple cans.  As the demand grows for other sizes, we will make them in the future.

What is the weight of the cardboard?
It is similar to file boxes.  Very strong and when kept under normal food storage conditions (cool and dry) it should last a life time.

I don’t want to use a credit card to order, can I send a check?
Yes, just e-mail your order to along with your address.  We will figure out the cost & shipping and e-mail the total back to you.  As soon as we receive the check, we will ship your order.

Our church group would like to get a big order together and were wondering if you give a group discount?
Yes, with five or more four packs you get a 10% discount.  This really helps with shipping costs.

I was wondering where you are located and if you had a place we could come and pick up an order.
Sorry, but in order to keep over head down and costs as low as possible we only ship orders.

Can these units be stacked?
Some web sites that have talked about our Can Organizers have said that you can stack them.  We do not suggest that you do, as they are made to fit on the standard cupboard and pantry shelves.

My shelves are only 18 inches. I was wondering if I could let them hang over a bit in front and back.
Yes, that would work fine.

To receive the discount do I have to order five of the same size?
No, you can mix and match the sizes to make five.